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Kasvi's Nuclear Chili

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Kasvi's Nuclear Chili

 One kilogram of cheap cow
 800 grams of crushed tomatoes
 1 bottle of beer
 0,5 dl of X'tra hot chili powder or 1 dl of ordinary stuff
 15 ml of ground cummin (Jeera)
 10 ml of cayenne pepper
 30 ml of brown sugar
 1 big red opion, chopped coarse
 2 big garlics
 8 fresh chillies, preferably of different kinds
 5 dried chillies
 3 bell peppers
 2 meat stock cubes
 30 grams of corn flour
 200 grams of various kinds of beans
 1 can of whole champignons (very optional)
 food oil

Chop the onion coarse, peel garlic gloves, seed and chop bell peppers into
small cubes, seed fresh chillies and cut them into rings and cut the meat
into 1 cm cubes.

Put the crushed tomatoes and the beer into a big pot and the pot to the
fire. Brown the meat cubes in oil. When the pot boils, put the browned meat
cubes into it, add chili powder, chopped onion, fresh and dried chillies,
bell peppers, meat stock cubes, sugar and cayenne pepper. Crush about half
of the garlic cloves to the pot, too. Add some oil, if the meat had no fat
in it.

Put the lid on the pot and let the chili simmer slowly for some four hours
and stir it every now and then.

Add the champignons, cut the garlic gloves into halfs and add them too. Wait
for another hour. Add the beans.

Mix the corn flour into about a decilitre of water and pour the water into
the pot. Simmer for another half ours, stirring regularly. The chili burns
easily to the pot bottom at this stage.

Enjoy(?) with rice, green salad, lots of beer and handkerchiefs.